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Red Poodle Baby Boy
Another Calisa red poodle puppy. He is as happy as he is handsome! Note those beautiful feet. Of course, Champion sired by an Optigen tested Calisa Red Champion.
Speedway Baby
This Calisa deep red poodle baby has places to go! Of course, he is Champion sired by a Calisa Red Champion.
Pixie Puppy
An adorable little Pixie puppy! Both of her parents are Calisa Red Toy Poodle Champions.
Calisa Cutie Little Brother
A Calisa Cutie's little Red brother: Complete with his brother's big Red ears and big personality and pedigree chock full of Calisa Red Champions.
Bella and Lana
Bella and Lana - Lovely Calisa sisters in golden Apricot and rich Red.
Lil' Black Beauty
It's difficult to capture the beauty in a photograph when you're perfectly inky black with lovely correct dark eyes - so I smiled for the picture!
In the Sunshine
Bright Florida sunshine illuminates my big ears, black nose, and lots and lots of thick red hair - you can't take your eyes off of me - and I will never take my eyes off of you!
Champion Bucky's Little Sister
Calisa Bella Bombshell - she will make her show debut in 2007. Sired by the Red Chanpion Calisa Crimson Cannonball - Multiple Red Champion Producer, winner of large majors.
An Ike Puppy
Dark Red in a true toy package with big dog proportions. An Ikey puppy in every respect - happy, bright, and beautiful!
Sitting Patiently
"We can't sit here forever - we have to pack for our big trip!" Two Red Poodle beauties from six generations of Calisa Red Poodle Champions.
Cute as a Button
Cute as a button - and just as small! Not quite 3 pounds, elegantly proportioned and RED! Sired by a Calisa Champion Red Toy Poodle - Optigen clear, her mother one of the family of Calisa Red Toy Poodles.
Turbo Charged Heart
I am Lexington Alexander!!!
Ice White and Dynamite
Ice white and aren't I dynamite?! A stunning Calisa white poodle. For more beautiful snow white poodles, check out the Snow Ball Express in the Scrapbook!
True Apricot
A honey of a girl - a true apricot poodle! Champion sired by an Optigen clear Calisa Red Poodle Champion - and just as stylish and happy!
Mr. Ted E. Bear
Just call me Mr. Ted E. Bear, I'm really red and a little ball of fire!
Just Because!!!
Just because you are tiny doesn't mean you can't be perfectly proportioned - Look at me! I am all of four pounds!
Pepe is my name and peppy is my game!!!
Merry Holly B.
Can this be merry Holly B.? And is Holly B. merry? We think so!!!
Royal Fireworks
Royal Fireworks - a royal red son of American Canadian Champion Calisa Sparks Will Fly - the first American and Canadian Champion red puppy.
I am Ready for My Close-up
Yes, I am ready now........3 1/2 glossy red pounds of personality!
Handsome and Red
Yes, I am handsome and Red, but under all this beautiful red hair, I am only six pounds!
Deep Red and Adorable
Deep Red and adorable - a beautiful Calisa mahogany red poodle, red and adorable in the brightest Florida sunshine!
Handsome Red and Tall
Handsome Red and Tall is what I am - a Champion sired Calisa Red Poodle with a big personality to match!
A Deep Red Beauty
A deep red beauty - a Calisa red poodle with beauty and brains - and huge ears!
Just a Pair of Lovebugs
Just a pair of lovebugs - they are Champion sired Calisa red poodle puppies.
Red and Cuddly
Red and Cuddly bear-like is this beautiful daughter of BooBoo - also known as American and Canadian Champion Calisa Crimson Pirate's Booty!
Happy Man
I'm a Happy Man and why not? I'm gorgeous and dark red!
Three Really Red Cuties
Three really Red cuties - Champion sired Calisa Red poodle puppies planning their next escapade!
Two Little Pumpkins
Two little Pumpkins awaiting treats! Champion sired Calisa bright red poodle puppies.
A Pretty Red Princess
A Pretty Red Princess - in a perfect little package! A Champion sired Calisa Red Poodle Puppy.
Joy and More
Joy and More - From tip of inkiest nose to end of happiest tail, I'm filled with joy and more!
Crimson Teddy Bear
Who does not love a crimson Teddy Bear?!
I Have Something to Tell You!
"I have something to tell you", says this gorgeous Calisa miniature Red Poodle puppy.
Lovely in Scarlet
Such a pretty Red girl - and only 4 pounds! A Calisa Champion sired Red poodle puppy, of course.
Calisa Crimson Puppy
Red poodle personified - Intelligence + Looks + Health!
Once In A Blue Moon
Once in a blue moon - or more accurately an apricot moon! Calisa has a sunny apricot emerge from generations of Red Poodle Champions.
Lots of Love
This Calisa Red Poodle puppy is a beautiful girl with lots of love to go around!
Kisses from this handsome Red Guy
Kisses from this handsome Red Guy! Doesn't this make you want to be one of his favorite people?
Ruby Sparkles
Did you know that Rubies sparkle too?! This Ruby sparkles as brightly as any diamond!
Tiny Pea in a Pod
Beautiful Red Bigger Brother - by a whole quarter pound!
Tiniest Pea in a Pod
Tiniest Pea in a Pod! Beautiful Red Little Brother
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