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In The Beginning.....
Silver Poodle puppies are usually born black - like this little one. The coat gradually grows in lighter. Notice the "silver mittens" on this Calisa Silver baby.
Silver Teenager
On his way to becoming what was once registered as "platinum", this Calisa Silver puppy at 9 months of age is already pure Silver.
Mitzi at 10 months
Mitzi a Calisa Silver puppy in her new home, shows off her lovely expression. The contrast of black pigment and dark eyes with Silver is stunning.
Shiny Bright!
Shiny Bright - in silver color and in personality! Destined to be totally silver - Guaranteed to keep any household on its toes.
Calisa Silver Poodle Twins
Twin baby Calisa silver poodles sporting their silver mittens with their first trim!
Silver in the Making
A beautiful Calisa silver poodle becoming silver!
Silver Sister
I look very much like my Puppy Champion silver brother. A pretty Calisa silver poodle!
Sparkling In More Ways Than One
Sparkling in more ways than one - his silver poodle color, of course, but his personality sparkles even more!
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